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Question Regarding Intranet Security Using Win2000

The structural element of the operating system that provides this support is called the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI). This security model makes it easy for authorized users to work on an extended network, while providing strong safeguards against attack. MSDN Library MSDN Library MSDN Library MSDN Library Design Tools Development Tools and Languages Mobile and Embedded Development .NET Development Office development Online Services Open Specifications patterns & practices Servers and CH000280 How to create a Windows ERD. this content

CH000508 Preventing Microsoft Windows from prompting for a CD. CH000492 Additional information and help with the boot.ini. Like user accounts, Windows 2000 computer accounts provide a means for authenticating and auditing the computer's access to the network and its access to domain resources. There you will find white papers on each major technology, as well as the operating system's online documentation and resource kits.

get yours fixed.. These users can be authenticated using PKI. CH000465 NTLDR is Missing CH000486 Is it safe to delete .dll files? Authentication identifies the user when he or she logs on and makes network connections to services.

For example, the registry enforces access control on registry keys. Floppy Floppy disk drive help and support. CH000605 Windows restarts without warning. It lets you encrypt data, sign it, and verify the identity of clients and servers by using certificates.

Group Policy settings associated with a given container either affect all users or computers in that container, or they affect specified sets of objects within that container. A CA is responsible for establishing and vouching for the identity of certificate holders. No form of the password or any reusable information is transmitted over the network. CryptoAPI In addition to Certificate Services, Windows 2000 PKI relies on Microsoft CryptoAPI version 2 for secure cryptographic operations and private key management.

Tips Microsoft Windows tips. For More Information For the latest information on Windows 2000 Server, check out Microsoft TechNet and our Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000. 07/00 Top of page Show: Inherited Protected Print Export (0) If this question is unclear, I would be happy to clarify anything. Regardless of the method used to prove identity, Windows 2000 consistently uses Active Directory to look up the identity presented by the authentication mechanism.

EFS automatically encrypts the file when it is saved, and decrypts it when the user opens it again. You can associate Group Policy configuration settings with three Active Directory containers: organizational units (OUs), domains, or sites. For example, rather than having to give the support group full access to user account records, an administrator can give the support group the ability to reset a user's password, but This method is an improvement over the Windows NT 4.0 authentication process (referred to as NTLM), which requires a separate client authentication for each network resource the user accesses.

If you choose to create custom Web pages for your organization to access a CA, the Web pages provided in Windows 2000 can be used as samples. http://olivettipc.com/question-regarding/question-regarding-router.html Windows 2000 includes a set of standard security templates, each appropriate to the role of a computer: The templates range from security settings for low security domain clients to highly secure Windows 2000 DNS problem - help Conditional forwarding / Windows 2000 DNS WINDOWS 2003 AD With Win2000 Standalone DNS Server ? Video card Video card help and support.

In this way, smart cards provide a very secure means of user authentication, interactive logon, code-signing, and secure e-mail. The smart card contains a chip that stores the user's private key, logon information, and public key certificate used for various purposes, such as digital signatures and data encryption. after pressingctrl+alt+del)2) A logged on domain user attempts to connect to a remote share using a UNCpath name and when prompted for a user name and password he supplies thewrong password.3) have a peek at these guys Additionally, the CA Web pages can be installed on Windows 2000–based servers that do not have a certification authority installed.

I am designing a small intranet site for my office. In addition, using SSPI ensures consistent security in the Windows-based environment. CH000490 Missing Windows hal.dll file.

For an illustration of how trust relationships work, refer again to Figure 1above.

Windows 2000 clients not caching dns lookups SURBL and windows 2000 DNS Windows 2000 DNS not working properly Windows 2000 DNS and child domains Windows 2000 DNS in Active Directory how This management implication is explored further in the "Delegation of Administration" section below. CH000626 How to load last known good configuration. CH000741 How can I SSH from Microsoft Windows?

Windows 2000 Encrypting File System (EFS) addresses this concern. Windows NT–based networks use one-way, non-transitive trust relationships. Ask ! http://olivettipc.com/question-regarding/question-regarding-hdd.html Additionally, Windows 2000 supports the NTLM protocol used for years in Windows and provides interfaces for vendors that make biometric authentication mechanisms.

CH000749 Missing Microsoft Windows .dll files. It has a local SAM and it should be linked in such a way with the PDC that a user can access shares from that PDC, and if not yet logged The client is authenticated by means of a password that is used to derive a key that can be verified by the server, or (in the case of a smart-card logon) Although the server impersonates the client, an audit trail to the originating client is preserved.

A security template is a physical representation of a security configuration; in other words, it is a file where a group of security settings may be stored. EFS is particularly useful for protecting data on a computer that might be physically stolen, such as a laptop. Further, because of fine-grained access control (described above), administrators can narrowly define the scope of delegated tasks. CH000830 Microsoft Windows STOP 0x0000007F error.

CH000538 Enabling or Disabling Windows automatic updates. Figure 4: Windows 2000 public key infrastructure components.