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Any developer worth a damn should at least be able to write a simple HTML document without relying on external resources. What is the difference between 

 and ? Text to be hyperlinked should be placed between the anchor tags. Just get your bs answer ready op. http://olivettipc.com/question-about/question-about-vcd.html

The process is still very fresh in my mind, so I think I can be of some assistance. That dog won't hunt. Comment Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required Submit a CommentComment submitted succesfully. If you haven’t previously confirmed a subscription to a Mozilla-related newsletter you may have to do so.

Get stack trace, user data and defeat impactful errors.Learn More at Rollbar.com Ravi Tadi, Love the WebUpdated 125w agoFYI: I have never interviewed anyone for web developer position but i have With your help I got the job. 22 commentsshareall 22 commentssorted by: besttopnewcontroversialoldrandomq&alive (beta)[–]thevoiceofzekenovice + full-stack 19 points20 points21 points 1 year ago*(10 children)Hi OP, I found myself in very similar circumstances a couple CSS has been around since 1996, but beacause tables enjoyed better browser support, people stuck to them. I've seen many tablelayout sites that conformed to a technical validation test, but they're still not conforming to accesibility guidelines or the idea of a semantic web.

I myself don't use an IDE, I use ultraedit and vim depending on the environment. If the ETag values match, meaning that the resource has not changed, then the server may send back a very short response with a HTTP 304 Not Modified status. Can you clarify your point a little more? Related Articles 1.

How do you organize your code? (module pattern, classical inheritance?) What's the difference between host objects and native objects? Read more Software Engineering Job Interviews Job Interview Questions Job Interviews Web Design Software Engineering Web DevelopmentWhat interview questions should I ask a junior web developer?I am based in San Francisco Pragmatism achieves more than dogmatism in the long run. Don't ask for a full, functional app, but make sure it's enough that you can tell it's really what their code is like. _ What are a few sites you admire

Submit Cancel supermike 2006-05-13T17:25:59-07:00 I have a few problems with this kind of employer. The multipart block as a whole does not have a charset; non-ASCII characters in the part headers are handled by the Encoded-Word system, and the part bodies can have charsets specified But that's not the point of the debate. How does it work?(CORS) Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is a mechanism that enables many resources (e.g., JavaScript, fonts etc.) on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain

I interviewed at a start-up. The problem is the polemic seems to be so strong that people abandon tables altogether when in fact there are many appropriate uses for tables. Your partner/designer friend making the "dead fingers" comment. Worse yet, none of you have acknowledged the fact that CSS code is widely abused by improperly trained, incompletely trained, or just plain lazy CSS coders who do no better than

What's your favorite feature of Internet Explorer? More about the author I'd recommend bringing a legal binder with a legal pad and at the very least have some questions for them prepared. What's the difference between full standards mode, almost standards mode and quirks mode? I'd recommending searching del.icio.us for a few CSS tutorials and reading up on how it's done.

They said they was impressed with my self taught abilities. fonts, colors, spacing) to Web documents.... Have you ever used a grid system, and if so, what do you prefer? check my blog Browse articles by...

The most important skill, in my mind, for anyone to have in any profession is the ability to communicate -- whether it be writing, or speaking, or most importantly, listening. These arguments were heard again when Dijkstra inflicted Structured Programming upon the world. There is no question that some people link based on appearance, and a lot of really nice-looking sites are created with heavy dependence on CSS.

HTML is a tool to structure your document so that a UA can interpret the various elements and present the different parts of the page to the user accordingly.

But the second you have finished coding it, the table has no further benefit. Yes. When they decide it's not worth their time, or when I get around to doing the 10-year-anniversary update, it will look different. Have you noticed that it is a niche My post is not an attack, but I genuinely want to help this interviewer become an even better manager.

Good luck on your interview! Why is it generally a good idea to position CSS s between and JS scripts just before ? I've worked in several dozen programming languages, developed user interfaces, done the graphical thing when other people were still screaming "They'll take 'vi' from my cold dead fingers", etc., etc. news As I have said repeatedly, anything can be abused.

If you find somebody with a great head on his/her shoulders, someone who conducts his/her business professionally, works well with and respects others despite disagreements, and has a solid work ethic, We'd have to write code 2-3 times if we wanted a feature on every CMS... Explain what a single page app is and how to make one SEO-friendly. Worth the effort in the long run.

Reload to refresh your session. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–][deleted] 1 year ago(1 child)[deleted] [–]thevoiceofzekenovice + full-stack 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago(0 children)I'm glad to hear it. What is the difference between a unit test and a functional/integration test? There are levels of visual degradation -- extreme examples such as text only and portable devices seem to be best handled by a CSS approach only but handling visual degradation in

Somewhere in the technology design process, decisions are still being made to code at certain levels. View the answer →An ETag is an opaque identifier assigned by a web server to a specific version of a resource found at an URL. People who were already experienced with IT before they picked up HTML are way to old to be able to make a change... Your mileage may vary.

Describe what you like and dislike about the CSS preprocessors you have used. Also, many developers will say they can go table-less, but when actually building sites they still use tables out of habit and/or convenience. What UI, Security, Performance, SEO, Maintainability or Technology considerations do you make while building a web application or site? To suggest that it is abuse or contrary to the very flexible guidelines of the W3C (which are written by numerous people and reflect multiple points of view) is misinformative.

Which HTML5 feature is the best alternative to long polling? We probably have 2-500 good quality links fro CSS portal type sites and bloggers in the design field that would never have been given if we had used tables. How would you optimize a website's assets/resources? I thought this argument ended 2 or 3 years ago.

Explain the difference between synchronous and asynchronous functions. How can we design for all types of users? How many people still code in COBOL or FORTRAN? A possible exercise is to draw up a fake website and ask them to write the HTML for it.