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CH000545 How to update a Microsoft Windows computer. Logon to Desktop Without Password Narrator keeps running at Startup How can I change the screen font size? How do I include a hyperlink to a Web page in a question? HelpCenter Need answers to questions about Vista pricing or features? http://olivettipc.com/question-about/question-about-oem-vista.html

CH000141 Where can I get TweakUI for Microsoft Windows? Links and More Information This error means that the file or directory does not exist on the server. First, the Windows Firewall protects users’ computers when they use public Internet connections, such as Internet connections in coffee shops, hotels, and so on. CH000906 How do I make the Windows My Computer icon the first icon?

The operating system is modularized and its installation is based on imaging technology. CH001387 How do I disable the Windows loading splash screen? For example, Windows Vista better enables you to deploy restricted user accounts, rather than allowing everyone to sign on to their computers as administrators. CH001198 How do I run a program as administrator in Windows?

Feel free to use and modify for your own organization. CH000749 Missing Microsoft Windows .dll files. The installation then proceeds automatically. Advertisement Throughout the weekend, Microsoft representatives kept using the word "innovative" to describe Vista and other new MS products - but I just don't see it. (Sorry, Microsoft!) To me, Microsoft's

Where do I check for new device drivers and updates? CH001038 How do I view the name or label of a hard drive? Jobs Company Reviews Salaries Interviews Account Settings Account Settings Sign In Notifications Account Settings empty notification btn For Employers For Employers Get Free Employer Account Sign In to Employer Center Employer We only ask that you give credit to the original creators.

Windows Vista was designed to be easier to deploy than Windows XP. You can customize and deploy the image without ever having to capture your own image. How do I pipe an answer from one question to another? The second step is to maintain control of those computers after deploying a Windows Vista image to them.

redirect) a user to a different survey from an existing survey link? CH000172 Lost or forgotten Windows password. Microsoft provides tools that help customers estimate business value. CH000944 The Temp folder is on a drive that is full or is inaccessible in Vista.

Of course, Windows Vista provides a better customer experience than Windows XP, including features like the new Windows Aero™ user interface, specialized Explorers, and enhanced search capabilities. news CH001334 How to create a Windows Restore Point. How can I share my Results Analysis Report? Managing security is a significantly important task for any organization.

We appreciate your feedback. CH001257 Where is Outlook Express in Windows Vista and 7? How do I verify my software is compatible with Windows Vista? have a peek at these guys The Microsoft® Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance provides additional tools that help organizations manage and control desktop computers in complex computing environments.

A link back to this site is not required, though it is always appreciated. Microsoft Deployment also includes a technology framework for developing and deploying custom disk images. Efficient deployment begins with creating a careful understanding of the customer’s environment followed by planning for a successful outcome.

CH001476 How do I move files?

You can also contact device vendors directly, as described in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942462. Since XP launched in 2001, MS will officially support it until 2011.Update: Though Microsoft representatives assured me they'd support XP for 10 years, reader Heidi points out, "Win98, released June 25, APM Advanced Power Management help and support. Supporting multiple users running Windows Vista during a pilot requires increased manpower and infrastructure.

For example, administrators can prevent users from copying files to external storage. CH000551 How to enable and disable the Microsoft Windows XP firewall. CH001317 How do I switch users in Windows? check my blog How can I recover my Vista product key?

Search our Help Center. CH000857 How do I play a sound or music file in Windows? CH000878 How do I make my Windows icons appear larger? URL) for my survey so it uses my website domain?

CH000852 How do I play a movie file in Windows? Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 are additional options for updating Windows Vista. Windows Easy Transfer is an end user tool that comes with Windows Vista. Search our Help Center.

Yes, you can install Windows Vista on a computer that’s already running Windows® XP in a dual-boot configuration. How can I change my Windows login password? Microsoft designed Windows Vista® to scale well in large, complex desktop infrastructures.