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Question About Mixing PC800 And PC600 RDRAM On P4 Machine

PC66, PC100 and PC133 SDRAM (and the newer, semi-official PC150) are all named for their maximum rated clock speed, and so is RDRAM, pretty much. Dimension 8200 (400mhz FSB) Upgrade 120. It supports both B and C suffixed AMD Thunderbird processors. PC800 RDRAM's got a theoretical bandwidth of 1600 megabytes per second; dual-channel PC800's peak bandwidth is 3200Mb/s. this content

voltage mod, how do i do it. http://www.oempcworld.com/?source=GOOG&keyword=computer+memory And they'll even buy back your two extra 64MB RIMMs. Now then let's not expect that my power supply doesn't have the plug to power the Radeon. Rambus RAM is shown in the two yellow rows, and DDR RAM is shown in the three blue rows.

The latest AMD XP processors run on a base FSB of 166MHz (DDR 333MHz), so they will transfer data across the system bus at the same speed as PC2700 (DDR 333) No. For example, if you want to install 64MB of EDO RAM that comes in the outdated SIMM module form, you may have to install two matching 32MB modules instead of going They're more correctly referred to as Continuity RIMM Modules or C-RIMMs, and they're there to provide electrical continuity through all of the RAM slots.

All of this double-modules stuff is happening because dual-channel memory allows the computer to run two separate RAM access jobs at once. Asus P4T-E RDRAM 31. As you can determine from the information in the link itself, the Microsoft link above leads to the article with the Q number of Q253912. Dell 8250 256mb Upgrade 92.

It's bought in bulk so they save money on the packaging. I Got Some DDR400 to test! The sound of afterburners pointing directly at you really pumps up adrenaline. ecc or non-ecc memtest86-can it be trusted?

It's priced so high because they know it's the fastest but it's also the end of the 423PGA line! But it's different enough to qualify as a completely new design. Intel D850GB D850GBAL RDRAM 45. edit: Two people posted while I was typing this?

Hynix selling out to Micron? Visit the Crucial Guide to Windows XP to find out how much RAM is needed to run it and the XP Office suite. I only added this tidbit because I no longer see this information on the D850GB webpage. If your brother is 18 and not currently in school he should be working!

SDRAM modules do not have to be installed in pairs; single modules will function. news The Duron range of processors will keep running on a 100MHz FSB with a 200MHz processor-to-RAM bus speed. From the HP/Compaq website: "RIMMs work in pairs, and they must be from the same vendor. This behavior can occur for any of the following reasons: Himem.sys is not using all the memory on an EISA computer.

Athlon motherboards cost a bit more than P-III ones, but you still save plenty on the hardware by buying an AMD-based system instead of an Intel-based one, and at a given So let's say I get the card first, and wait till I have the money for the RAM, could I be able to play in low settings with decent results? 256mb I got my computer around the same time, which is also a P4, and it uses PC133 RAM. http://olivettipc.com/question-about/question-about-wmp-11.html I do want more RAM, although perhaps not 2GB yet.

This gives you some idea of the real difference, and the difference for writes and copies is as big as you'd expect it to be from the P4's impressive SPECfp2000 results. How much voltage? You just need to find the BIOS option that controls the speed of the RDRAM.

Big ole honking heatsink and fans, liquid and vapor cooling systems.

The latest AMD XP processors run on a base FSB of 166MHz (DDR 333MHz), so they will transfer data across the system bus at the same speed as PC2700 (DDR 333) Dimesion 8200 (533mhz FSB) RDRAM 79. 128mb RD Ram 40ns 80. mushkin Need help Why are most of the 2700's pc####...? Dimension 8250 3.0Ghz PC1066 115.

Either 400 or 533. I don't know the brand of the memory, I think one is "compaq" brand and the other Hitachi, can't remember when we installed it. If they do, I'd love to hear it." http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=221588 Intel D850GB The Overclocker's Intel Motherboard Forums: http://www.ocforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=54 Hey, you're wearing me down. http://olivettipc.com/question-about/question-about-this-hjt-log.html Recently they've gone as fast as a P4_3.0GHz but those processors are still very expensive and are hard to find in the 400MHz FSB speed.

Unfortunately, the ability of Windows to use RAM does not always coincide with ability of a motherboard's chipset to cache RAM, so be sure to check your motherboard's manual before you PC2100 CAS2 or PC2700 CAS2.5? RIMMs must also have the same memory size density within each channel. Go for the 9700 Pro.