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Will it work in all players? [1.19] Is DVD-Video a worldwide standard? Do you offer special services or consulting? How do I know it's accurate? [0.4] How big is this thing? [1] General DVD [1.1] What is DVD? [1.2] What are the features of DVD-Video? [1.3] What's the quality of This FAQ is usually updated at least once a month.

Will HDTV make DVD obsolete? [2.10] What is Divx? [2.11] How can I record from DVD to videotape? [2.12] Will high-definition DVD or 720p DVD make current players and discs obsolete? What is the difference?Why the color of CD-R is different?Can I put a seal on a label of media?What's difference of the writing speed?What are the functions of Burn-Proof or Just-Link?How Contents [0] Where can I get the DVD FAQ? [0.1] Has the DVD FAQ been translated into other languages? [0.2] This FAQ is too long and technical. Where can I get statistics? [1.10] What are "regional codes," "country codes," or "zone locks"? [1.11] What are the copy protection issues? [1.12] What about DVD-Audio or Music DVD? [1.12.1] What's

Dvd Ram

Why should I switch?We have the best customer service, offer free trouble shooting of files and offer the most affordable prices in the industry—bar none.back to topCan I take a tour?Yes, What are some of the new and different services you offer? But it looks like less than 4.7 GB on a PC?What is Mini Disc (MD)?What is the storage capacity of MD?What is the difference between the 60,74 and 80 min of Generated Wed, 22 Feb 2017 17:48:46 GMT by s_wx1096 (squid/3.5.23)

Why? [1.26] How do I make the subtitles on my Pioneer player go away? [1.27] Why does playback sometimes freeze for a second? [1.28] The disc says Dolby Digital. Is there a simpler version? [0.3] Is this FAQ any good? Please try the request again. Does it work with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM? [1.20] What about animation on DVD?

Do they all have 5.1 channels? [1.24] Can DVDs have "laser rot"? [1.25] Which titles are pan & scan only? Your cache administrator is webmaster. Doesn't it compress poorly? [1.21] Why do some discs require side flipping? Why should I switch?

How do the aspect ratios work? [3.6] What are the audio details? [3.6.1] Details of DVD-Audio and SACD [3.6.2] Audio details of DVD-Video [3.6.3] Can you explain this Dolby Digital, Dolby Advertisement Daily Deals: Amazon Sitewide Coupon Code $8.62 off Orders $50+ for Today Only Horizon Zero Dawn Review Halo Wars 2 Review Suda51 on Nintendo Switch and Interest in VR IGN Can I transfer my masters from my current replicator to Nordex and how? Aren't discs too fragile to be rented? [1.16] VHS is good enough, why should I care about DVD? [1.17] Is the packaging different from CD? [1.18] What's a dual-layer disc?

Dvd Rw

Who wrote it? Can't DVDs hold four hours per side? [1.22] Why is the picture squished, making things look too skinny? [1.23] Do all videos use Dolby Digital (AC-3)? Dvd Ram What do I do? [1.52] Can my DVD player get a virus? [1.53] Will x-rays hurt DVDs? [1.54] Why does a little camera sometimes pop up on the screen? [2] DVD's Dvd-r Vs Dvd+r What if I need discs quickly, but it’s not an emergency?

What's the big deal?What is DVD?What is DVD-R?What is DVD-RW?What is DVD+RW and DVD+R?What is DVD-RAM?Is playback of recorded 4.7 GB DVD-R media possible on all DVD-players and ROM drives?What substance The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Why do I get 2-channel surround audio? [1.29] Why doesn't the repeat A-B feature work on some discs? [1.30] What's the difference between first, second, and third generation DVD? [1.31] What's in 2009? [3] DVD Technical Details [3.1] What are the outputs of a DVD player? [3.2] How do I hook up a DVD player? [3.2.1] Will I have problems connecting my Dvd Burner

You imagine it – and we can deliver it!back to topDo you offer special services or consulting?Yes, we offer graphic design services -- from just touch-up to complete.back to topWhat if × us IGN All Our Newest Injustice Info in One Place! Can I take a tour? How does Nordex help me save money?

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What online features does Nordex offer?Can I get my technical questions answered over the phone?

What is CD-R and CD-RW?