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Quake 3 Only Plays *.dm_68 Demos?

It is however possible to change timescale during actual game -loading a map with devmap (cheats enabled), then changing the timescale value, and then loading a map with the usual If you have the cvar "mme_saveWav" set to 1, an uncompressed wavefile will be saved in the same folder as the screenshots.After you unpause the demo capturing will start, the screenshots Apologies for the inconvenience. noshutdown Oldbie Posts: 848Joined: 2010-7-23 @ 17:04Location: China Top Reply with quote Re: introducing my quake3 benchmark demo by [email protected] » 2012-7-28 @ 12:57 345.6 fps, 2304x1440, 32bit textures and check over here

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. For widescreen, you can also play with the r_mode parameter. vogons.org will not be held responsible for users' posts. This creates files with dumb names, like "demo0001.dm_71", automatically incremented (anyway you will be able to change them later using your operating system).If you wish, you can use /record (file

You activate it by pressing "1". This is very easily done: when launching the game at commandline, add the following argument: +set fs_homepath "" So you will get something like this: ./openarena.i386 +set fs_homepath "L:/openarena/" Enhance the Navigate in your demo to the time when the cams start, then hit "C" to pause6. After the reveal we got the chance to get up close and personal with the Switch, play some Zelda, and get our Joy-Con on.

This is logical because you need to be synchronized to other players to be able to faithfully record the actions (even if it's not a server-side demo). Advertise Media Kit Contact OpenArena is a Fandom Games Community. EG: Quake3 1.17 can not play Demos created by version 1.18 ... Technical Notes The technical notes have their own page here.

To record a best-quality demo, g_synchronousClients has to be set to 1, and has to remain 1 until you stop recording! During recording, you will see file name and size in the upper edge of the screen. Cypher - ztn3tourney1.dm_68 DS-TEKER Quake 3: CPMA 1920x1080 @ 30fps D3porte International Tournament 2008 quetion vs. But if you can't, compressing into Motion JPEG is still a good compromise and give a good quality.

May also work on Windows 95 but has not been fully tested. Switch Q3A version manually via shortcuts. seta r_mode "0" // resolution of the screen: -1=custom (see r_custom*); 0=340x280; 1=420x340; 2=530x420; 3=640x480; 4=800x600; 5=1024x768; etc... In all the implementations cited above, these issues should not happen: IP address should not be recorded GUID should not be recorded (warning: TheDoctor's patch name the demo file with the

you need the "nv15" map to play this demo, which can be downloaded here(original nv15demo is included, would probably play on v1.17): http://alt.3dcenter.org/downloads/quake3-nv15.php Attachments fake_nv15demo.rar (654.76 KiB) Downloaded 158 times Note: you must have the same map on both games. spartie - ztn3tourney1 (12.03.2008).dm_68 DS-TEKER Quake 3: CPMA 1920x1080 @ 30fps Quick Cup 11 stalker vs. Cons: it's not possible to freefly nor to switch the view (can't follow another player), unless you stop the demo and play the other player's demo you want to view.

b100 - q3dm7 (29.05.2004).dm_68 prm Team Fortress 2 1920x1080 @ 30fps TF2Center Scout POV cp_granary_pro_rc3 magquadaa Quake 3: OSP 1920x1080 @ 30fps cpm Yarik play OLDSqLCAsT-CA-overek-2017.02.11-17.58.51 magquadaa Quake 3: OSP 1920x1080 http://olivettipc.com/quake-3/quake-2-generations.html Discussion in 'Games' started by saxinat0r, Nov 11, 2004. Hit "R" to get into the camera perspective10. To show a list of all camera commands, only type "\camera" and press enter.You save all your camera points while in the demo with the command "\save CameraTutorial".

Tip: it is possible to bind /video and /stopvideo to specific keys. Configuration Each and every demo type can be individually configured to suit your needs. Note: with this patch, recording of a player only triggers if the player reach a certain score threshold (0.9*fraglimit), so it may happen that not all clients are recorded (but you http://olivettipc.com/quake-3/quake-3-arena.html Nike - ztn3tourney1.dm_68 DS-TEKER Quake 3: CPMA 1920x1080 @ 30fps D3porte International Tournament 2008 Vo0 vs.

It is possible to automate the launching and connection of GTV using oamps.sh, an automatic server management tool for OpenArena. If you can allow it (you have a lot of space, roughly 1 GB per minute of video), then this is the preferable option. Guard - pro-q3dm6.dm_68 DS-TEKER Quake 3: CPMA 1920x1080 @ 30fps D3porte International Tournament 2008 Cypher vs.

Convert a dm3 demo to the dm_48 format.

If AVA is not supported, automatically M-AVA is also not supported. you can also see your quake3's version on the background of the console. it seems there is no need to enable g_synchronousclients to record smooth demos in OpenArena, and no need to tweak sv_fps for demos. Select all demos (can click the Demo List list box and press Ctrl+A), then click click Cut!.

Clients also need to patch their engine to be able to replay these demos. seta r_mode "-1" seta r_customaspect "1" // enables custom aspect of the screen, with r_mode -1 seta r_customheight "768" // custom screen height with r_mode -1 (useful for widescreens) seta r_customwidth endo and v1p3r game1 krazykaze Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1920x1080 @ 30fps RtCW TWL Beta Championship Season 2 Maverick Team Fortress 2 1920x1080 @ 60fps Insomnia52 Lower Bracket Finals - Epsilon have a peek at these guys If you want it to be faster, you can jump in 4-second-steps forward and backward: Hold down shift, then tap A to jump 4 seconds back or tap D to jump

Green - All is good, Yellow - Not configured and Red - Configured but the game path is invalid or incorrect. You always must have mouse1 (+attack) pressed in order to move in any way. So if you want to record a best-quality demo of a game you play, you should have a spectator (it can be even you on a second computer) spectating you, and This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Now it is time to test your path for the first time. NotesEdit ↑ Timescale is usually a read-only variable, but you can change it freely during demo playback.