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Quake 3 Mouse Acceleration


I renamed your .exe(that has been working since then) to quake3.exe and started quake3. I would tell that DirectInput is a multi-threaded version of WM_INPUT with extra processing overhead. If you have your rate set too high, the server will try to take advantage of your extra bandwidth. g_debugDamage "0" debugging tool for damage effects? check over here

i have ps2 keyboard and same problem with mouse. #11 < > Showing 1-11 of 11 comments Per page: 15 30 50 Quake III Arena > General Discussions > Topic Details Whatever the creator changed to the other .exe, remove it!!! :) Maybe someone could confirm my experience. But in order to give you meaningful answer, I need you to specify what exactly you are expecting from this binary. If you find something offending in my posts, read them again searching for a different mood there.

Quake 3 Mouse Acceleration

So when the server tries to send you 250Kbps down your 36Kbps connection, you will be flooded, your ping will 999, you will get mass packetloss and your connection will either that's what this does A cg_swingSpeed "0.3" set speed player model rotates to match position (1 is no delay, 0 will never turn) C cg_teamChatHeight "8" set number of lines or flava_clown06-23-2010, 09:24 AMi've seen in the config file that there is a cvar called "in_logitechbug" which is set to "0"... This is because any invalid setting is rounded up to the next (1000/x).Some valid Values for MaxFPS:1000/3 = ~3331000/4 = 2501000/5 = 2001000/6 = ~1661000/7 = ~1421000/8 = 1251000/9 = ~1111000/10

Tried setting the r_customwidth and height but no joy so far. I have a Razer mouse, and don't have any SetPoint settings anywhere. I would like to add that timenudge only directly affects the lag of the incoming data and does not directly affect the data that you send to the server. I guess my mouse doesn't like in menu WS resolutions in this game?

The higher the snaps the more bandwidth will be needed, so snaps 30 or 40 may cause the connection to be less stable.CL_TIMENUDGE    This affects how your client processes the snapshots More work for no gain is a net loss, so... The movement just stops, which makes aim precision useless :( ) I haven't had this problem in any other Quake 3 engine game (and I've played quite a lot of them). The higher you set this, the smoother your game will feel as your actions (run, shoot, jump etc.) will be updated more frequently.

I don't know why or under what circumstances, but I've seen it happen when two or three players with 333fps get on the same server.SOURCES: Changelogs, ReadMe's, and Various Sources compiled Whatever they are, I don't know, but the effect is very, very, very noticable when I enable it in wsw. << Comment #109 @ 11:09 GMT, 17 March 2009 >> (Link, A fraglimit "20" set fraglimit on a server (0 is no limit) S A freelook "1" steer aim and control head movement with the mouse…a must (c: A fs_basegame "" allows Once that is done for a frame, the cursor is returned to the center of the screen.

Quake 3 Mouse Problem

Dialup users will just about be able to manage 30, so 20 is more of a stable setting.    Also if you set your MaxPackets too high, your ping will start to Will check how it works for them... Quake 3 Mouse Acceleration Whether timenudge indirectly affects your outgoing data is unlikely but that issue is best being left for a timenudge-specific topic.CL_MAXPACKETS    This is the Maximum number of data packets that can be Quake 3 Console Commands I'm sorry you're having problems and I hope we can do our best to resolve 'em after we get some more data to narrow it down; I've thus far been unable

kinda had to learn how to shaft from scratch though :D << Comment #130 @ 05:39 BST, 31 March 2009 >> (Link, Reply) By Anonymous (249-81.34-65.tampabay.res.rr.com) RE: New Build Works perfectly! http://olivettipc.com/quake-3/quake-3-arena.html Although I'm sure lots of people appreciate it, so good work anyway :> << Comment #135 @ 14:02 BST, 1 April 2009 >> (Link, Reply) By Mitritch+ - Reply to #134 I went to my SetPoint control panel, selected my mouse, Selected Pointer. I will try to find out why it works so bad in windowed mode. Quake 3 Widescreen

  1. And i forgot to mention that the sitebuttons are disfunctional with you first quake.exe that has the error with raw input initialization.
  2. monique05-08-2010, 06:49 AMThere's a thread a few posts below about this, and you have the mouse that seems to be causing the problem - a type of Logitech mouse.
  3. soundcreepy05-27-2010, 10:18 PMHmm...strange....i haven't encountered this bug with my G9 (win7 64 bit, latest set point)....however I do tend to use a G5 from time to time (lost my G9 for
  4. And what mouse/mouse interface do you have?
  5. What it boils down to is, IN_INPUT is essentially a single-threaded DI that's slightly less clunky to code for.
  6. Getting the freshest viewangles from the mouse at the moment of setting up the view had a great impact on responsivity feeling.
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  8. http://www.xreal-project.net/wordpress/?p=266 << Comment #159 @ 17:48 BST, 26 April 2009 >> (Link, Reply) By Mitritch+ - Reply to #156 Definitely, very interesting idea.

When you move rapidly, the mouse reacts as supposed to, but as soon as you're moving slowly, carefully. mic sez: "wooooow, best thing ever! Set higher if you have much packetloss. this content Cakes 0 Posts: 2 Re: Workaround for mouse lag on windows 8.1 « Reply #5 on: October 31, 2013, 09:57:46 am » Quote from: Gig on October 31, 2013, 02:04:21 amA

Don't ever use 0, and only use 2 if your connection is REALLY bad, ie 56k or below.CG_NUDGEKeep at 0 if you ping below 90-100. Everything above 2000 DPI is interpolated resolution. These are bound to F5, F6, F7, and F8 in q3default.cfg. (useful tool for model and skin artists) testshader covers all brushes and entities with the selected texture, and lights the

This variable is helpful for testing mouse for input clipping problems.

And i have to correct myself, it does not feel the same after i compared it for a longer time. It may happen that you will like how it feels now. :) Edit 2: CNQ3 binary was added. did what Dekken said and now mouse is smooth as silk. Main menu Skip to primary content Quick Start Downloads Buy Codecs Forum FAQs About About us Contact us Technical, help and resource documents Trademark rules Raspberry Pi FAQ Register Login Information:

i got the problem with punkbuster too I tried both exe and i also tried to rename the raw exe to quake3.exe. Mouse feeling is the same. If you want to use modern q3 client with raw input support, please use this one: http://edawn-mod.org/ Hi all, I'm glad to present you another experimental build of quake3.exe, this time http://olivettipc.com/quake-3/quake-3-download.html I saw many players busted by Punkbuster, so yes, it has a right to exist.

Enotus Mouse Test v0.1.4 Mouse: Logitech HID-compliant G1 Optical Mouse Model: n/a Resolution: 800 dpi \ok\ Polling speed: 250 Hz Max speed: 7.45 m/s (234591 points/s) \excellent\ Precision: 99.1 % (1.38 The default frame 0 of most guns is completely off screen, so you will probably have to cycle a couple frames to see it. "nextframe", "prevframe", "nextskin", and "prevskin" commands will To get them, use the same link as for downloading project binaries: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?..._id=280168 Enjoy! I use -1 so its consistent with my TF2 and QW sens (2.2).

B> << Comment #37 @ 14:43 BST, 12 June 2008 >> (Link, Reply) By Mitritch+ - Reply to #29 No support for linux, maybe in the future (when I will bother VM file ui compiled to 594408 bytes of code ui loaded in 1963008 bytes on the hunk 131 arenas parsed 1 arenas ignored to make count divisible by 4 33 bots I have found the problem! entering testshader without a parameter will restore all textures set by the map. -hacker (removed possibly because cheat potential) toggle toggle "X", where X is the variable you give, to a

Game's 10 years old and Id couldn't spend five minutes... << Comment #104 @ 17:25 GMT, 16 March 2009 >> (Link, Reply) By Mitritch+ - Reply to #103 More info is I was just playing a map vs the bots and every once in a while the game will get really choppy and the fire button becomes unresponsive at that time, then used when creating bot characters while keeping Q3A running. Only in this case this binary may do smth good for you. << Comment #55 @ 08:40 BST, 13 June 2008 >> (Link, Reply) By terrorhead| - Reply to #54 hmm

pet Ok i've posted twice! If you try and set MaxFPS to 120, you will still get 125fps. But I don't know what real DPI will be for 3600 DPI setting. arena load arena and bots "name" from arena.txt (arena ) -attack stop attacking (shooting, punching) -back stop moving backwards banClient ban a client by slot number used in conjunction with serverstatus

Best custom Quake 3 client, period. But i had to change my mouse, when i started playing it again nowadays :( And the fukc began to start. Edited by arQon at 01:56 BST, 12 June 2008 << Comment #19 @ 01:40 BST, 12 June 2008 >> (Link, Reply) By Mitritch+ - Reply to #18 It's pity, but never Just guessing, I have not checked!PS: I just noticed that a link on your first post of this thread does not work correctly, due to incorrect markup.Here's fixed:Quote from: Aozora on

Thanks Google brought me here since I had the same problem in Heroes of might and magic 6, even though its not the same game it worked!!