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Problems With Svchost.exe And A Isass.exe

Are there some spyware imbedded? Proffitt Forum moderator / April 23, 2012 5:44 AM PDT In reply to: SVChost eating memory In the definition of a rootkit is a feature to hide from the usual Task do you use wireless? Using the site is easy and fun. navigate here

I am posting from second PC,.. CURSE YOU MICROSOFT! I have this problem on my Thinkpad T420 with Intel Core i5-2540M with Win7 64bit and Google Chrome 39 which is 5 major versions since the big was reported! disable it because there is no need for a service for it.some people say its spyware, which im not sure it is.some info on it:http://www.viewpoint.com/installer/v4/html/vmp_faq.htmlhttp://www.techsupportforum.com/comments-more/comments-announcements/225694-viewpoint-manager.htmlhttp://ask-leo.com/is_viewpoint_spyware.htmlhttp://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/viewpoint.com21.

Try that simple task first to see if it fixes the error code problem. A Svchost.exe Lsass.exe Application Error Windows Xp error code is caused by a Hexadecimal formatting error. Waxxie Got this problem with this file jumping in task manager from 0% - 90%,up and down a couple of days now. If you notice anything named this under the user SYSTEm or NT AUTHORITY, DO NOT END IT.

  • Lonteo attempts to connect to a hacker site.
  • Comment 31 by Deleted [email protected], Jan 13 2015 Processing This has been occurring recently on my machine where the cpu usage of explorer.exe spikes after opening Google Chrome.
  • it's dangerious!!!
  • Software program problems.
  • One of them "svchost.exe (SYSTEM)" is eating up anywhere from 8,000-18,000K of memory, which is a lot more than it did previously and the other "svchost.exe (NETWORK SERVICE)" can eat up
  • Having odd SVCHOST behavior is a symptom of a problem somewhere else, so keep on looking.
  • Do we have-to live with this one ? ;-)P cyberblob it's a vital part of windows and creates flaws in the security.
  • It also has a lag time, can take up to a week to appear after your computer is affected.

With a good firewall and a virus scan running simultaneously, this should not be a problem. System memory defects. It is exactly what it says... so just delete that particular big sized file.

Using some clues from you all here, I've tracked it down this. Plz Tell Me How t o remove svchost.exe its eating100% cpu and somtimes Pc Atomaticully restart. its used for graphical programs of somesort, its described as bloatware, in other words software that takes up resources. use task manager and show the PID, then use tasklist/svc to identify which services are using the PID in question.

Run Security Task Manager to check your svchost process 2. It is also a common name for malware to try to masquerade. SVCHOST is part of Windows. lass.exe-high_cpu.PNG 6.5 KB View Download Comment 29 by Deleted [email protected], Jan 11 2015 Processing Each time when chrome is started lass.exe will utilize cpu for just under a sec CPU to

I tried to reinstall it but the issue is still present; also with Chrome Dev 38.0.2125.8 same problem. in fact the name svchost is an abbreviation for servicehost.one of your services is acting up, might be good or bad who knows.http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspxdownload that, run it, right click the offending instance set it to manual and take note of this particular service, if you find symptoms that match what it is used for, set it back to automatic.15. I considered that it might be a sound card issue and looked for driver updates which were not available.I scan with AntiVir, Spybot and Ad-aware, all coming up clean.any ideas?

Sphinx Retrieves the serial number of any portable media player connected to this computer. check over here If you terminate your SVCHOST, you've basically shot your computer in the foot. If not in c:\windows\System32\ then stop the process and run a virus checker. These processes uses alot of memory and it has it's reasons.It usally causes high percentage CPU and ends with a crash.

What's the cure? Silwer create while cannecting net work and uses 100% of cpu, we can't work on line, even thoug the discountinued the network connection steel the file uses 100% cpu BHASKAR well The packet has to be formed specially for 2K or XP and, if it sends the wrong one to your system, causes svhost to crash, which can force a reboot or his comment is here if you still have problems, get an expert to come to your house.

Tried many virus programs and the only one that found it was webroot. See also: Link rupweb There are copycat virus' that have the same file name,even worms.I'm staring at one now that housecall found thats in the common files folder.So be carefull people. another four instances are stolen more ram (3mb per process aprox) in total more than 39 Mb of ram Roid3.0 To stop system shutdown after closing svchost.exe , open the command

Wireless Zero Configuration - needed for wireless configuration.

It's because I'we located this problem on Opera 34 ("Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 OPR/34.0.2036.47"). Excel pops up but it's work area is white and it does not respond - lsass.exe takes up one core, then I wait for a minute or two - then Excel If you find svchost.exe that is too young for your system (see creation date) rename it and delete it! this svchost.exe is very vunerable to exploit and attack.

JerkyChew Ars Praefectus Tribus: The Bay State Registered: Jul 12, 1999Posts: 3625 Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:32 am You have Microsoft Update (not to be confused with Windows Update) enabled. Again, it doesnt seem as the file is infected or harmful, it simply is a gate to get spyware on your machine. I am using Version 55.0.2883.87 on window 7. weblink Comment 73 by [email protected], Dec 12 Processing Remedy in comment 27 fixed my similar problem.