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Problems With FB Login And Usage

Initially, we did go the mobile web route with some of our apps (like AlterEgo), and you're absolutely right: the login part sucked on mobile. 10.03.2012 James Wenzel I couldn't agree I'd thoroughly appreciate any help! If email is the unique identifier for a user, we'd create a tricky situation for some folks. 10.03.2012 PJ Brunet Sadly, the end of your article has two buttons: "Sign in Do you want to add additional confusion about login methods on your app? -How is it more confusing? this contact form

Basic > App Domains use this to lock down the domains and subdomains which can be used to perform Facebook Login on behalf of your app. If your App Secret is compromised, you should reset it immediately in the Basic Settings of your App Dashboard. This is happening with both of my computers and my Android phone. We come up with tons of ideas for features and brand new projects often seeing them through to the end without having to seek permission from head honchos. http://ccm.net/forum/affich-894718-problems-with-fb-login-and-usage

check out their facebook page. I mean look at all the sheeps re-twitting this post! Are we defined by those things?

I value the security of my list and thus have a crazy strong MC password that can take me a few tries. Numbers informed our decision, but so did our gut. 10.03.2012 Oscar Goldman "Social login buttons put security in someone else’s hands" Exactly. is this how u treat them? 2017-02-21 14:29:39 @wHaT_hEr_Is_WeT @facebook this is my fourth time telling you all about my disabled account, what is the delay?? 2017-02-21 14:19:23 @BerNERDTalks_ @singtelsupport internet Rules Posts consisting only of a title/link will be deleted.

It takes *guts* to defend your brand, and gut instincts to make that decision. I hope more sites start waying up the pros and cons and get rid of them. (Look at Spotify as an example to, their forum was flooded with angry people, they The desktop version I can't get to work at all. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/problems-with-fb-login-and-usage.1170872/ Toni Morrison

Also, this article has assumed that YOUR current login method must stay. Is there another way to login to the computer without using t... That's how we make better things.

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Discussion Tim Love the post, makes a great point! Use common sense.

  1. I also know a number of people who don't have/deleted their facebook.
  2. Maybe I'm in a small percentage here, but I treat MC as a business tool, not one I want linked with my personal online doings.
  3. But don't use them because they're on every other popular app.
  4. The backlight is still on, and...
  5. I think you guys made a good decision.
  6. What were're presenting here is our findings and making a case that for us, it's not the best route.
  7. Other Facebook accounts work fine, and my account does not seem to be blocked.I'd thoroughly appreciate any help!(not sure if this was the best subforum ?

It takes less than a minute and is completely free! http://hardware.forumsee.com/a/m/s/p12-31678-0982551--problems-with-login-and-usage.html The desktop version I can't get to work at all.This is happening with both of my computers and my Android phone. Four years in internet time is an eternity. I'm glad you think this way too.

I like the NASCAR allusion. weblink Other Facebook accounts work fine, and my account does not seem to be blocked. When you start the reset process, you can specify a number of hours that the compromised secret will continue to work for when making requests, however anything sent from Facebook (such How do you feel about using something like Mozilla Persona for logins? 10.02.2012 Aarron MailChimp It looks promising.

Avoiding the need to integrate commenting and basic interaction around products and content allows more interaction and is a good thing-hence social login buttons and OpenID and so on. Social logins also have some value on mobile, where recalling a complicated password is inconvenient, as Ed Lea and Erica Burnett mentioned in the comments. Are you crazy? http://olivettipc.com/problems-with/problems-with-hjt.html Good post, my apologies :) 10.03.2012 Vikram Imagine a scenario where facebook or twitter gets banned in a country.

https://login.persona.org/ 10.02.2012 Noah Hayes I'll just sign into facebook and leave this here. 10.02.2012 Matt Watson What about making a sign in with button that hides the NASCAR look but makes It would be more comfortable to the forgetful ones. The server would then use the token to make API calls.

Most of the value proposition we were focusing on back in 2005 was to do with signing up to sites, not logging in.

HP laptop Display Problems I have an HP Pavilion g7 series laptop. MailChimp has real, live brand equity everywhere and can get away with it. Take this blog. Which is why I'm glad I have a smart team of people who balance me out and use data to drive *most* of our everyday decisions.

Some supplement them onto a standard account, some create new accounts, then as you say sometimes you have to remember which one you used. As the CEO, Ben acts as a curator, not a dictator. Do you want to add additional confusion about login methods on your app? http://olivettipc.com/problems-with/problems-with-ie-6.html It could not work without social logins.

Didn't help. 05-05-2016, 06:19 AM #3 Stancestans Hardware Tech Team Join Date: Apr 2009 Posts: 2,127 OS: Windows Seven, 8.1 & 10 Hi Source: https://web.facebook.com/help/374104332645037 __________________ TestDisk i can only get 1 hour of posts in my timeline then i get an "add friends" button i hate 2017-02-22 09:17:07 @lindsaylove1014 is facebook not working this morning??? 2017-02-22 09:12:41