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Netzero Email Problems


Make sure all of your phone line connections going in and out of the modem are tight and secure, then try to connect to NetZero again. Select the PPP tab and click the PPP Options button. Let our new Connection Wizard pinpoint your problem!

The NetZero Connection Wizard is our newest help tool. Note that this link downloads version 8.5 currently recommended for Windows Vista users only. navigate here

How do I transfer my files and email settings from my old computer to my new one? (see note above about order of questions)If you purchased a new computer, transferring your NGCV My NetZeroHelpMy AccountMessage CenterMy PasswordBilling and Usage HistoryPayment and Account InfoUpdate My AddressUpgrade My AccountBilling QuestionsAccess NumbersConnection Issues Get NetZero SoftwareSafety/SecurityContact UsSelect a differentOperating SystemWindows98Windows95WindowsMEWindowsNTWindows2000WindowsXPWindowsVistaWindows7Windows8Mac OS-9 Mac OS-X Linspire Common Click the Advanced button and type the initialization string in the Extra Settings textbox. Only add a component if it is not already present.

Netzero Email Problems

If you have other devices connected between the wall jack and the modem (such as fax machines, caller id boxes, or other phones), these could be interrupting the dial tone. Double-click Modems and click the Properties button. Click Save.In the Save As window, select your Desktop.Click Save. Uninstalling / Reinstalling Windows Dial-Up Networking (DUN) Note: Before you begin, ensure that you have your Windows 95/98 CD-ROM or diskettes available and ready for installation.

Please contact your network administrator for assistance before you continue making any changes to the system configuration. After disconnecting from NetZero, you can launch the applications that you had closed again by restarting your computer. Close iexplore.exe Process Windows 95/98/ME Users: Press and hold the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys at the same time. Download it today to identify and resolve many common issues that may prevent you from successfully connecting to the Internet.To use the NetZero Connection Wizard, you will need to have a

Make sure the modem type next to Modem: displays your correct modem. If this is the case, you should contact your modem or computer manufacturer for information on configuring your modem. If your connection fails after dialing the first access number, try removing that number from your selected list of access numbers and add other numbers that are local to you. However, if you use Windows 98/ME, 2000or XP, NetZero recommends that you continue to use version 8.4.Do I have a Vista-compatible version of NetZero software?Version 8.5 has been fully tested and

Check all the local numbers available to you. From the File menu, select Properties. Verify network settings. If prompted with a message about Dial-Up Networking being required by other components, click Yes.

  1. Is your access number valid?
  2. Try shutting down and unplugging the computer for 1 minute.
  3. Restarting your computer may correct this problem.Error 13: NetZero has encountered a problem while launching.
  4. To access Message Center, click here.
  5. Using Connection Center What causes poor connection quality?
  6. Although your access number's modem tries to connect at 56K, your computer's modem may try to connect at 33.6k or lower, possibly resulting in no connection at all.
  8. The modem can not dial another number until the software releases it.

Netzero Not Working

You can contact the manufacturer to see if they have more information about a solution so you can use both NetZero and this program at the same time.After disconnecting from NetZero, C. Netzero Email Problems Repeat the above steps, clicking End Task/End Process for only one program at a time. Double-click the Network icon.

Adjust your system clock Check your system's clock by double-clicking on the time, which is usually found in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. check over here A bad modem or unplugged phone cord might be the culprit. Click OK when finished. Identifying and Disabling 56k ModemsThis procedure will disable any 56k protocols that your modem supports.

If your password is not working, please check to see that your Caps Lock key is not active. Windows Vista Users: Click the Windows Start button and select Control Panel. Highlight TCP/IP>Dial-Up Adapter and click on the Add button. his comment is here You will be taken to a Personal Assistance Ticket form, which you can fill out and send to us.

You must reinstall the software.Error 05: NetZero has encountered a problem with the Windows Operating System. If prompted to restart the computer, click Yes. Take a quick survey

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A window will appear, listing all of the programs running on your system.

Internet Explorer 6.x users: Click the Windows Start button, point to Settings, and select Control Panel. My NetZero | My Account | Our Services | Advertisers | Privacy Policy | Your Privacy Rights | About Ads | Terms of Service | Press Center My NetZeroHelpMy AccountMessage Click OK and OK again to exit. B.

Some modems may not allow you to change the call preferences. NetZero is a registered trademark, and the NetZero logo is a trademark of NetZero, Inc. This may require that you reinstall your modem drivers and/or configure your modem settings. weblink Click OK.

You can contact the manufacturer to see if they have more information about a solution so you can use both NetZero and this program at the same time.

Mac When back at the Windows Setup tab click Apply. For instructions on how to change your access number, please click here. Select the WINS Configuration tab.

Click on New, then Edit, then Paste. The Ethernet or USB lights on my DSL modem is off. Verify your Voice Mail and/or Call Waiting serviceNOTE: Most voice mail services set a stutter tone when mail messages are either waiting to be heard or haven't been cleared yet from Select your location (e.g.

Log in to your NetZero account.Click the Norton Internet Security icon on your browser's toolbar.Uncheck the box next to Block pop-ups from this website.Restart Internet Explorer.If you'd like to disable the Verify network settingsA. Do I need Administrator Privileges to install NetZero for Windows Vista? You can contact the manufacturer to see if they have more information about a solution so you can use both NetZero and this program at the same time.