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Note that the CWS manifest file should contain the local_path field rather than the web_url field. No, not to be listed in the store. Select Quit. Such apps or extensions will be removed when they are brought to our attention. this contact form

How can I remove my listing from the store? For specific questions or concerns, please fill out our developer support contact form. Voorbeeld weergeven » Wat mensen zeggen-Een recensie schrijvenWe hebben geen recensies gevonden op de gebruikelijke plaatsen.Geselecteerde pagina'sTitelbladInhoudsopgaveIndexVerwijzingenInhoudsopgaveProgress in Information Retrieval 1 Performance and PeertoPeer Networks 4 Generating and Retrieving Text Segments Technique 4: Chrome Web Store application with trusted testers When you're ready to test your application more broadly, you can upload the application to the Chrome Web Store and let some

Chrome Developer Dashboard

How do I report an abusive app or extension? How do I link my Play and Chrome Web Store item so that the "Available for Android" link appears on my item detail page? In October 2011, Google announced 200 million active users for Chrome.

Click the "Relaunch Now" button in the bottom of the screen. However, they will be able to access your app via directly typing in the URL, launching bookmarks, and discovering your app via search engines. Yes. Firefox How do I localize my detailed description?

You may import an app or extension with a pre-existing key into the store (see instructions). Chrome Extensions Is the Chrome Web Store Licensing API final? What technologies can I use to build installable web apps? https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1144026?hl=en Do I have to use Google Wallet for Digital Goods?

There are no specific criteria for being featured or put in a collection, although there are published best practices and general guidelines that we believe help make high quality listings. Chrome Download You can set up discussion groups to communicate with your users. Restart Music Manager from your programs list (Windows), or from the Applications folder (Mac). This might be because your app is only applicable to the local market, or you might have specific obligations that mean you can only make your app available in certain regions.

Chrome Extensions

Option 2: Edit information in your music file Edit your original music file (for example change the song title). https://books.google.com/books?id=bkgDCAAAQBAJ&pg=PA101&lpg=PA101&dq=Problems+with+Google+after+CWS&source=bl&ots=N_FTXUUFbU&sig=i1f1XdbQJbTNGErGf-DmbbiCBOM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjwso6n-9zRAhXp8YMKHSaUAsMQ6AEINzAE Why would someone install a web app instead of just using a bookmark or typing in a URL? Chrome Developer Dashboard and Lock when sleeping. Google Play If you can't sign into the Chrome Developer Dashboard with your Google Apps email address, you have two options: Go to https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount, and create a Google Account whose login email is

Users may directly type the URL for your hosted app, or use traditional search to find and start your app. The most recent version downloads are linked below. You can sell your Chrome Theme using one-time payments. CWS application with untrusted testers The standard technique for distributing a packaged or hosted application in the CWS. Chrome Apps

Select Repair Disk Permissions. Back to top Installable web apps What is the difference between packaged apps and hosted apps? You just published your app. Click the Music Manager icon .

If you list in one category, you will be listed in that category in all regions. Click Upload. How can I detect whether my app is running as an installed web app and via the Chrome app launcher (and not just via a bookmark or link)?

Requirements Native Client flag Native Client is automatically enabled for applications that are installed from the Chrome Web Store.

I have a Flash game that I would love to be able to take payments for, how can I do it? If pricing is set in tiers, does that mean I am locked in to the same tier across all the regions I sell my app in? What should I do? If you're using the local server included with the SDK, the web_url field should look something like http://localhost:5103/my_app/my_app_main_page.html.

Payments and licence server What technologies does the Chrome Web Store Payments system use? The Native Client SDK comes with a lightweight Python web server that you can run to serve your application locally. Tip: If you use Chrome, try uploading your music using the Google Play Music Chrome extension instead. It depends.

The item is suspected to contain or to be distributed by malware or unwanted software. You (the User) can ask the Chrome Developer Dashboard to give you an access token for each app that you upload. What types of apps or extensions are not allowed in the store? Learn more on the Chrome extensions documentation page.

For more information, see Choosing an App Type.