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Problems Installing WinXP On A Soltek MB And A SATA HDD

From there I moved the disks to the same order as in BIOS. Select "Browse" and navigate to the root of your Win XP install CD. The chip says it is a SATAlink 3112A. I've tried various settings in the BIOS (ASus A8V deluxe) but it will not see the sata disc, I've tried booting without the IDE drives connected, but it can't see an Check This Out

gregory Kerr says: October 10, 2011 at 9:48 am I too have a Hp Compaq DX2450 tower which has a M2N68-LA (Narra3) mother which has four SATA sockets and I managed Finally fixed and unified behavior of SRB_STATUS_DATA_OVERRUN in all ISR branches. I've also received interesting news from Mike. This technology solves problem with 40-cond.

Looks like that it is mine. I looked into latest FBSD ata drivers and saw no changes for this controller. Otherwise in some cases we can experiance unexpected interrupt. It simply copies UniATA.sys, creates neccessary Keys in Registry and disabled PciIde driver.

Text mode drivers are special device drivers that can be loaded by the XP installer code. I hope this helps future generations & will repost if/when I figure out the above. They are as follows: AMD_CPU_K8 AUDIO CHIPSET ICCARD LAN MODEM SERATA In this case we will want to go into the "SERATA" folder. This information should be listed on your motherboard box or in the manual that came with your motherboard.

DMA/UDMA support for ATAPI devices is added. On a true hardware RAID controller, the controller chip handles this. Implemented Include/Exclude options. http://programnorth636.weebly.com/blog/driver-for-sata-hard-drive-windows-xp Geoff says: August 1, 2008 at 5:24 am Excellent Guide, Everything made sense in your tutorial, but I can't figure out how to determine which SATA drivers my Clevo M570U needs.

Insert the floppy disc when you see the screen go black right before the installation process. On the second drive pair, I allocated all the space to md2. One of them is a family computer that the kids use to play games and write school papers. Good luck.

http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=windows+127gb Also if you are currently using the drive through a controller, would it be possible to connect it without the controller (for troubleshooting purposes) just to see how the capacity http://www.driverguide.com/driver/device/Hard_Disk_Controller-Drivers.html From this point on, continue the install like you normally would with Windows since your SATA hard drive should now be recognized by the system and ready for your Windows installation. The main one being that "Floppy Seek" is enabled in your BIOS so the system knows to look for a floppy drive. After install I would get a kernel panic on boot, but updating the kernel from rescue mode fixed this.

Thanks to moving to CrossNT.lib v0.2 now main branch of UniATA works under NT3.51 too. 2007.04.01 Release Version 0.37 (rar/tgz) - 90.5 Kb/111.6 Kb.and sources 0.37 (rar/tgz) - 209 Kb/259.7 Kb. his comment is here It amkes life easier. The last system I built myself was an athlon xp. It extends addressable space to 64bits and gives possibility to supports HDDs above 2Tb, they use more than 32bits for LBA.

  1. Telyatnikov powered by Apache+PHP under FBSD © 2002-2017 FedoraForum.org > Fedora 24/25 > Using Fedora > Confirmed SATA Installs PDA View Full Version : Confirmed SATA Installs SmyTTor2nd June 2004, 09:35
  2. The trouble was because NT4 allows initialization of 2 PCI devices with the same address on PCI bus, but with different system resource usage (I/O ranges and IRQ).
  3. I know the Intellisation is not a new computer, but other than this one glitch, I'm getting 480+, when running the Microsoft diagnostic program.
  4. And the system shall not boot.
  5. it's driving me nuts.

Is there a way around it? Improved channel ready check order for multichannel controllers. what is the meaning of this? this contact form I'm going to try an installs off both the SATA chipsets and let everyone know how it goes.

Options: Boot Windows in Safe mode, Boot windows normally" (not exact words of course..). you can ignore the raid stuff if you dont want to use it. after completing installation of fc3 the error message says: "kernel panic....attempted to run init".

The formated hd will have a smaller size.

Still some extensions in Registry settings. 2005.02.20 Debug Version 0.30i (rar/tgz) - 101.6 Kb/119.8 Kb. Oh well. Keys to success: both drive pairs must be partitioned exactly the same, with the appropriate partitions matched into RAID1 arrays. We change 1 byte in PCI Config Space ot the IDE Controller and check if its DeviceId have changed (!). (Seems to me, this is not too good idea).

Greate thanks to Mike for testing my buggy versions and supplying me with pretty bug-reports (181 Kb). Now atactl.exe can determine transfer mode (PIO/DMA/UDMA) even if UniATA in not installed. Advertisements Like this:Like Loading... http://olivettipc.com/problems-installing/problems-installing-nt-4-0.html One more message will be added to the list at the bottom, "Drive 0: A virtual floppy image is opened." Click the "Format" button to format the image.

Fixed .INF-file for XP and higher OSes (I checked under 2003). Being still relatively new to modern Linux (excluding the past few months, my last install was Slackware about '93) I'm going to have to take a little while to get familiar Now it doesn't crash or hang, but do not work yet. 7AHCI code is beautified a little. Debug Version 0.31d (rar/tgz) - 111.8 Kb/131.6 Kb.