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Problem With Image's Loading In Netscape 7.1.

Click on the Advanced Button and in the window that opens on Add. There are also substantial differences in performance. To verify, try loading the site from a different computer or browser. This extension will allow you to more easily create desktop shortcuts to websites.Back to top When I try to download files with Mozilla, all I get is the error message "This have a peek here

Plone enhancements: Drawer support now fully integrated. Like Wikis? Back to top How can I import Netscape 4 email into Mozilla Mail / Thunderbird? For a decade or so, every website had to have special work-arounds for all of Internet Explorer's bugs.

Added kupu-fulleditor-zoomed class to body when zoomed so you can use css to hide other controls on page (IE ignores z-index on SELECT boxes). This also means that after pasting from e.g. Converted GenericSetup import and export step registrations to ZCML. Alternatively, you can delete the message if you do not want to download it.

Moved definition list tool to the main and form dist. What happened? This means they can be compressed by programs which remove line endings in an unsafe manner. 1.4 Beta 2 Paragraph styling now permitted inside a table again (contributed by George Lee). BeforeUnload handler added which controls all form fields.

I looked at the Firefox site and don't see any information about sysyem requirements for Firefox. I've never tried including Firefox on a ZENworks image, but it might be worth a shot. This time, I don't think it's mydownloads.rdf file.It's not downloads.rdf.http://home.att.net/~cherokee67/ns71cantdownload.htmlI tried to do everything that page recommended, except:1) Control panel won't uninstall 7.0, as it doesn't see it or knowit was Login in a userprofile that will act as your source, your template.

This fixes http://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/11182. [ctxlken, davisagli] Releases are now being made from the Plone collective svn. 1.4.16 Kupu didn’t not transform resolveuid to friendly url in area tags (Plone ticket 9402). Outpost, make sure to reassign access permissions to Mozilla. Not by default, but if you install this Extension, you can. I upgraded from Windows 98 / ME to Windows 2000 / XP and now my profile along with my mail is gone.

  • We have been waiting for an article like this to come along and save us from our sinking Mozilla imaging ship.
  • Lots of changes for Plone 2.1 compatability.
  • Not quite a year ago, I ran into the same problem.
  • This also means that after pasting from e.g.
  • The newest versions of Mozilla MAY be ok, I've never tested them for the problem.
  • click on a link, nothing happens / the link does not work.
  • We have two ZENworks apps which run: firefox.exe -Profile H:\firefox thunderbird.exe -Profile H:\tbird which point to profile directories in user home directories.
  • Here's thekicker: I can right click on these pictures and make them my wallpaper,so clearly Netscape can access the picture.
  • If this happens, there is very little you can do besides writing a (nice, please) Email to the website admin / owner. - The site uses browser sniffing, either misidentifying Mozilla
  • Posted 111 months ago. ( permalink ) ericdege says: diffuse: from the Mozilla, Firefox website System Requirements: Windows version Operating Systems * Windows 98 * Windows 98 SE * Windows ME

Added a few useful helpers, such as a strip() method to String objects. 1.0.3 (2004-03-25) Renamed epoz to kupu to end the name confusion with Maik Jablonski’s editor once and for How to Clip a portion of an Image Image.FromStream() works for a while, then breaks Printed image gets truncated with Netscape 7.1 Browse more HTML / CSS Questions on Bytes Question It can be due to the file XUL.mfl being corrupted. Don't abort.

Repeat the command until the underline on the "Adblock" word disappears. navigate here Other reasons why images may not load The site that displays the images may be down or experiencing difficulties. I have shortcuts on my desktop to the websites which I most frequently use. Though Netscape 8.1 is still based on the Gecko 1.7 engine, I haven't seen the typical Gecko 1.7 rendering bugs in it.

How can I make Mozilla / Firefox my default browser? Please see This FAQ entry for more information.Back to top I am continually getting "java not installed" or "java not enabled" when I visit sites that require Java. What can I do? Check This Out In any case, in Netscape 8.1 you have the option of rendering the page with the IE engine instead (though this gets you the IE bugs with double-clicks).

I can't get Mozilla to save the changes I make in the Preferences dialog. Checks for bad links (i.e. How can I resolve this?

Why doesn't it work?

How doI get around this "feature"? It's quick & easy. It seems that for your operating system Mozilla / Firefox is still your default browser / default program for HTML files (and probably the URL protocol) in spite of having been not be moved!

What happened? But if there is no mousedown event, then the program can't tell that the mouse button is down. Saved format was ‘text/html’ which non-AT content types interpret as an alias for ‘stx’. http://olivettipc.com/problem-with/problem-with-netscape-4-73-and-napster.html Therefore, unless you setup the ZEN application object to copy the local profile files for Netscape everytime ("Copy Always" within the Application object), the program will not work upon launch due

Where can I find a list of Mozilla's keyboard shortcuts? Is there an extension which adds a feature so I can type in the navigation bar: "g Foobar" and it will search for foobar on Google? It will add a context menu (right-click) entry that allows you to open links in a variety of other applications. Cable, DSL).

This feature is, however, available in the Seamonkey Suite, the successor to the Mozilla Suite.Back to top How can I use Mozilla to access (i.e. ResourceRegistry used to load js and css. Generally, you shouldn't expect browsers more than a couple years old to work here. Plone Fix error opening drawers when there is non-AT content around.

Send your email and you are done.Back to top Where is my Mozilla profile stored on Mac OsX? How can I make Mozilla ask again if it wants me to remember the password for a page after previously having answered NO for that site? Mozilla will automatically copy the new preferences you have added to "prefs.js" the next time you run it. See http://plone.org/collector/3900 Added support for spell checking.

See LICENSE.txt for the license text. Many online banking sites do this, but also others like e.g. with a delay) that Mozilla interprets as unrequested, thus blocking them. The following issue has been resolved: 70: Content duplication (when pasting into IE from Microsoft Word or Works). 1.2 final Linking to the current folder produced an empty link.

No need to build a new image, just a new addon that does an ACU install (automated Client Upgrade). I noticed that under Linux, the font size for pull-down menus, bookmarks (personal toolbar), group pane, subject pane, and the header pane in MailNews is too small. Where is the setting so I can increase the time used to connect to a site before the attempt times out? In the following Window, select Communicator 4.x and click on "Next".

What can I do to change this?