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Problem With Html Code ? Don't Know. Help!

He shows you an example of how not to code it without a example of the complete correct code. Remember that more is not necessarily better; try to choose a debug level that will inform rather than drowning the reader in junk.If your account ends up being long (more than Bianca James over 3 years ago So frustrating, I've tried everything and it won't pass me when there's clearly something buggy. Co-founder of Stack Overflow and Discourse. http://olivettipc.com/problem-with/pi-symbol-html.html

No strings. brandon almost 4 years ago i keep getting the same thing. So it did not accept my code. Oops, try again. http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

Helpful information and not the answer to their question. We like answering questions for people who have demonstrated they can learn from the answers.Use tactics like doing a Google search on the text of whatever error message you get (searching Others try to help user with Y, but are confused because Y seems like a strange problem to want to solve. Thanks.

They don't understand that sometimes you don't have the luxury of choosing the right approach and just have to band-aid existing code, and the question is closed as too narrow or This will limit your audience. Hao Nie about 3 years ago Also the same problem.In the 8 and 9 practice of Html Basics 2,my code is:,but I got a error message which told me the font lol.

It works Arika Mullis over 3 years ago Thanks Tim! Logged in SBIers, though, always see each other's domains. Ieva over 3 years ago Try to remove everything between body tags like the guy above recommends.It happened to me too but this solution works,How unbelievable Rebecca Slosberg over 3 years https://www.codecademy.com/en/forum_questions/5579e3b5d3292f87820000c5 But I wonder why this happens?

Try this: Go to the Yahoo sign-in page. The Solo Build It! Nadia SD over 3 years ago Worked like a charm, thank you!!! Amadeu Alexandre almost 4 years ago There is a mistake in this code after : font-size: 16px"> I guess it should be font-size: 16px;"> is missing a semicolon try to check

  1. Note the curious symptom when I tried C.
  2. Weird.
  3. Steven King almost 4 years ago sometimes, if you change the font size of your browser, the size of the screen will be NOT TURE.
  4. I get the error that the second paragraph contains 16px instead of 12px when, in fact, my second listed item is as shown text So, what do I do?
  5. Specific to Q&A, the perniciousness of an XY problem comes from the fact that it is frustrating for everyone involved: The person asking the question asks the wrong question (which is
  6. Knights and knaves in Landilandia Is it correct that a jet fighter can be used as a non-lethal (sonic) weapon?
  7. But even in that case, don't assume that the mailing list doesn't exist.
  8. Thanks!

font-size: 12px as opposed to font-size:12px) Derek Goss over 3 years ago Sorry, my example at the end got cut-off. my company Code Ground Rules Your code should just be a simple method or function with the prototype just as it is in the starter code. The proposed answers are unsatisfactory because they don't address how to implement the author's solution. Review to avoid errors.

its annoying Paul MacDonald about 3 years ago YUP! this contact form DBSTx over 3 years ago Did the same thing ad it passed hope it was right Nadim over 3 years ago for me the problem was different, i had changed the Step through them softly.Know what your topic is! over 3 years ago @LitLiao his method works momo over 3 years ago @Litliao is Right!!!!! >< Dan Smith over 3 years ago Removed the "

Therefore it is unavoidable Asking Questions where you risk falling into XY The best thing you can do about the XY problem is to guard against it when asking questions. Can you explain it to others in a way they can understand? Check the Stack Exchange site for an up-to-date list.Web and IRC forumsYour local user group, or your Linux distribution, may advertise a Web forum or IRC channel where newbies can get have a peek here Mention in your e-mail that you tried and could not find the appropriate mailing list.

I received an error saying "login incorrect", "rejected password," or "server cannot be found," but I know that I entered the correct hostname, username, and password. If you want an e-mail copy when somebody replies in the thread, request that the Web forum send it; this feature is supported almost everywhere under options like “watch this thread”, chibipanda about 3 years ago thanks Anna about 3 years ago how crazy is that!!

ZhangAnke about 3 years ago Wow, that is so amazing!

Revision 3.702 Nov 2010esr Several translations have disappeared. or SBI! When you field a good question, ask yourself “How would the relevant documentation or FAQ have to change so that nobody has to answer this again?” Then send a patch to Now I have a proof for Fermat's Last Conjecture. || G: Why didn't you say so?

I don't want to frighten people... I got the code right Maddy Marv almost 4 years ago uh oh man, impact is a font name! vignesh.rajesh89 almost 3 years ago Just change the h1 tag to p tag it works Elijah almost 3 years ago I have done the dash ralegar almost 3 years ago make Check This Out The report page also has a filter control so you can select between java/python student problems, and "stock" problems from the front page vs.

that dash did it. Just look at these new programmers who got offered jobs at an average salary of $79k/year after attending a mere two and a half month bootcamp! But the bear got hungry and ate the duck. The flamers' behavior creates problems for themselves, which don't have to concern you.Don't let yourself be drawn into a flamewar, either.

In fact, it's a very good idea to do a keyword search for words relating to your problem on the newsgroup or mailing list archives before you post. Know Before You Go If you are new to CSS and web page design, start with a visit to WordPress' CSS Tips, Techniques and Resources to find information on the basics I tried to fiddle with the chrome font settings, which resulted in changing the size of the pixels, but I still couldn't get it to 16px. You've helped them to understand the failings of their question and why solving Y is not the thing to do...

Anybody got ideas for more tests I can run to pin down the problem?This person, on the other hand, seems worthy of an answer. The goodwill that scratching that itch earns you will be very, very helpful to you next time you need to pose a question. Hey guys and girls PLEASE help me out. What is Y supposed to be used for?

Instead of asking about context X, you ask about context Y. (as @Gnome noticed above, but using other words) So, "XY Problem" is only another (more specialized) term to say "Use You only need the actual color. Our brain works better after that kind of self-review... People answering the question find it frustrating because the proposed solution doesn't make sense to them since they are approaching the problem from a fresh angle and are (presumably) not being

SiteSell.com will refund you 100% within the first 90 days of purchase of your annual subscription, and on a pro-rata basis after that. This example indents the quote on both sides and puts a blue line on the left side of the quote and makes the text italic.