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Using this site means that you consent. The component was added as an automatic dependency. [signal] void PackageManagerCore::installationFinished() See also installer.installationFinished, installationStarted(), and installationInterrupted(). [signal] void PackageManagerCore::installationInterrupted() See also installer.installationInterrupted, interrupt(), installationStarted(), and installationFinished(). [signal] void PackageManagerCore::installationStarted() See QInstaller::PackageManagerCore::Unfinished?Installation was not completed. For example, org.qt-project.sdk.qt returns any component with that name, whereas org.qt-project.sdk.qt->=4.5 requires the returned component to have at least version 4.5.

class ScriptEngine The ScriptEngine class is used to prepare and run the component scripts. More... More... You could leverage the DIP qscript after the fact to create mass DIPs to that install base, but as far as automating it through install, i dont think this is possible.

The install willbe installedon the first network.But I would like to transfer the backup over the second network. Classes class AbstractFileTask The AbstractFileTask class is the base class of file related tasks. QInstaller::PackageManagerCore::ForceUpdate?  enum PackageManagerCore::WizardPage This enum type holds the pre-defined package manager pages: ConstantValueDescription QInstaller::PackageManagerCore::Introduction0x1000Introduction Page QInstaller::PackageManagerCore::TargetDirectory0x2000Target Directory Page QInstaller::PackageManagerCore::ComponentSelection0x3000Component Selection Page QInstaller::PackageManagerCore::LicenseCheck0x4000License Agreement Page QInstaller::PackageManagerCore::StartMenuSelection0x5000Start Menu Directory Page QInstaller::PackageManagerCore::ReadyForInstallation0x6000Ready for Installation void PackageManagerCore::setPackageManager() See also isPackageManager() and installer.setPackageManager.

It stores an OR combination of ComponentType values. Note: Automatic dependencies are not resolved. Format of backup saved in tape o... Reload to refresh your session. [Development] Qt Installer Framework Script Karsten Heimrich karsten.heimrich at digia.com Fri Apr 10 12:50:43 CEST 2015 Previous message: [Development] Qt Installer Framework Script Next message: [Development]

The documentation provided herein is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software Foundation. class ResourceCollection The ResourceCollection class is an abstraction that groups together a number of resources. Style Default Style Contact Us Help Home Top RSS Terms and Rules Copyright © TechGuy, Inc. See also setProxyFactory().

See also installer.metaJobInfoMessage. [signal] void PackageManagerCore::metaJobProgress(int progress) Triggered with progress updates of the communication with a remote repository. QList PackageManagerCore::execute(const QString &program, const QStringList &arguments = QStringList(), const QString &stdIn = QString()) const Starts the program program with the arguments arguments in a new process and waits for it This method can be used by scripts to check external dependencies. See also testChecksum().

bool PackageManagerCore::fetchLocalPackagesTree() Returns true if the package manager is running and installed packages are found. So if the user presses the 'Next' button he will end up on the finish page. void PackageManagerCore::appendUpdaterComponent(Component *component) Appends component to the internal storage for updater components. void PackageManagerCore::networkSettingsChanged() Emits the coreNetworkSettingsChanged() signal when network settings change. [static] bool PackageManagerCore::noForceInstallation() Returns true if forced installation is not set for all components for which the element is set

Question about restricting media... More... bool PackageManagerCore::isInstaller() const Returns true if running as installer. No, create an account now.

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  2. bool PackageManagerCore::setDefaultPageVisible(int page, bool visible) Sets the visibility of the default page with the ID page to visible.
  3. PackageManagerCore::~PackageManagerCore() Destroys the instance. [signal] void PackageManagerCore::aboutCalculateComponentsToInstall() const See also installer.aboutCalculateComponentsToInstall. [signal] void PackageManagerCore::aboutCalculateComponentsToUninstall() const See also installer.aboutCalculateComponentsToUninstall.
  4. See also installer.isFileExtensionRegistered.

QString PackageManagerCore::value(const QString &key, const QString &defaultValue = QString()) const Returns the installer value for key. More... QString PackageManagerCore::replaceVariables(const QString &str) const Replaces all variables within str by their respective values and returns the result. When running as installer, package manager, or uninstaller, this will always result in an empty list.

bool PackageManagerCore::executeDetached(const QString &program, const QStringList &arguments = QStringList(), const QString &workingDirectory = QString()) const Starts the program program with the arguments arguments in a new process, and detaches from it. PackageManagerCore::PackageManagerCore(qint64 magicmaker, const QList &operations, const QString &socketName = QString(), const QString &key = QLatin1String( Protocol::DefaultAuthorizationKey ), Protocol::Mode mode = Protocol::Mode::Production) Creates an installer or uninstaller and performs sanity checks on Header: #include Namespaces namespace TaskRole Classes class AbstractFileTask class BinaryContent class BinaryFormatEngine class BinaryFormatEngineHandler class BinaryLayout class Component class ComponentModel class ComponentSelectionPage class FileTaskItem class FileTaskResult class FinishedPage class IntroductionPage

Solved Post Points: 1 Report abuse Re: Qinstaller.exe & XML Posted:03-15-2012, 8:58 AM Niels Joined on 06-30-2010 Novice Points 52 I can install it over the backup network.

void PackageManagerCore::setNeedsHardRestart(bool needsHardRestart = true) Enables a component to request a hard restart of the application if needsHardRestart is set to true. name can also contain a version requirement. class OperationBlob The OperationBlob class is a textual representation of an operation that can be instantiated and executed by the Qt Installer Framework. But I would to made it automatically from Altiris/Deploymentserver.It must select the second network and not first network.

Show Ignored Content As Seen On Welcome to Tech Support Guy! WizardPage : enumeration status : enumeration © 2016 The Qt Company Ltd. Note: Arguments that contain spaces are not passed to the process as separate arguments.Unix: The started process will run in its own session and act like a daemon. Documentation contributions included herein are the copyrights of their respective owners.

All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. QString PackageManagerCore::installReason(Component *component) const Returns the reason why component needs to be installed: The component was scheduled for installation. void PackageManagerCore::setTestChecksum(bool test) The test argument determines whether the downloader should try to download SHA-1 checksums for archives.