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et al. A 538-year record of climate and treeline dynamics from the lower Lena River region of Northern Siberia, Russia. Belligerents are often less likely to engage in diplomatic negotiations, peace talks are less likely to bear fruit, and damage to infrastructure can be many times greater.[23][24] See also[edit] Proxy abuse An extended Arctic proxy temperature database for the past 2,000 years.

It does not spread automatically using its own means. Article39. It needs an attacking user's intervention in order to reach the affected computer. Rev. 30, 2715–2731 (2011).

et al. Hughes, M., Touchan, R., Funkhouser, G., Vaganov, E. & Shiyatov, S. An overview of the records comprising the database is presented in Table 1. Sci. 108, 9765–9769 (2011).

A multi–proxy record of the Last Glacial Maximum and last 14,500 years of paleoenvironmental change at Lone Spruce Pond, southwestern Alaska. A multi–proxy record of the Last Glacial Maximum and last 14,500 years of paleoenvironmental change at Lone Spruce Pond, southwestern Alaska. Global Planet. On the long-term context for late twentieth century warming.

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  • Twentieth-century summer warmth in northern Yakutia in a 600-year context.
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et al. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. This database also complements the recent Arctic Holocene Transitions (AHT) database11, a well-formatted collection of Arctic paleoclimate records for the Holocene. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., 13 April 2015.

D'Andrea, W. A. Palaeogeogr.

The revisions include updating records using more recent published studies from three sites17,18,19, and correcting several errors discovered following publication of the PAGES 2k Consortium article.

Quat. An empty value disables logging. (optional, string, no default) keepalive Try to restart the proxy if it crashed (default: ). However, it evolved into a proxy war as Nazi Germany and its allies began supporting the Nationalists, while the USSR, Mexico and various international volunteers supported the Republicans.[5] Contents 1 As Incorporating these diverse data also brings additional challenges, largely due to how they differ from tree-ring records.

N.P.M. J., Huang, Y., Fritz, S. A novel aspect of this collection is the specification of the seasonal correlation of each record as described in the original publication. Stokes, M.